Wood-Fired Pizza

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The Dough

Made from fresh yeast, Tipo '00' flour, water and salt, our pizza dough is based on a traditional Neapolitan recipe that's slowly fermented, giving the dough time to develop deep flavour and form the perfect crust. 

The Toppings

As part of our ethos of using local ingredients wherever possible, our toppings are a great reflection of the abundance of choice from our nearest producers. Our mozzarella comes from a nearby dairy farm, as does our salami. Other ingredients are sourced directly by us to ensure both quality and freshness.

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The Oven

Our oven was made in Italy and is heated using kiln -dried wood, predominantly oak or birch. It can take two hours to heat and when we are cooking pizzas the temperature can reach 400°C! This high temperature ensures the perfect cornicione, or outer rim, which should be crisp and airy.


The Menu

Our menu reflects the seasonality of produce available and thus changes regularly. This is a sample menu and updates will be available on our social pages.

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